The Children’s Defense Fund is accepting applications for their Direct Cash Transfer Program. $1000 of unconditional cash per month for 12 months will be awarded to 100 young people who have recently aged out of foster care in New York City. Participants will be selected by lottery and payments start in 2023. Visit YouthNPower.org to learn more about the program.
Who is eligible?
● Did you age-out of foster care in NYC? This means you left foster care after age 18 without going home, being adopted or being in a guardianship.
● 18–22 years old
● Out of foster care or Continuing Care and Support (CCS21+) for at least 6 months

When does it start? 

● Online application is open! APPLY NOW – https://youthnpower.org/apply-now/
● Payments start in 2023

FAQs and more about YouthNPower – https://youthnpower.org/faq/

Julia L. Davis
Director of Youth Justice & Child Welfare

Jose A. Perez
YouthNPower: Transforming Care Project Manager
Children’s Defense Fund-NY