As a community, The Door – inclusive of our frontline staff, our management, and our board – affirms that #BlackLivesMatter and stands with all who are speaking out against institutional racism, even as more and more Americans awaken to the reality that Black communities face police brutality and bias every day.

Our young people are hurting. Our staff is hurting. We are enraged that George Floyd was killed and that justice has often proven to be incredibly elusive in cases like his.

George Floyd’s death, and the way our systems have worked as designed to prevent those involved in his death from being held accountable, are just one way in which anti-Black racism is painfully evident in the United States today. The COVID-19 crisis is another: because Black people are more likely to have frontline jobs deemed “essential,” more likely to have pre-existing conditions and comorbidities, less likely to have access to effective healthcare, and more likely to be harassed by police aggressively enforcing social distancing and mask usage mandates, the pandemic has also fallen hardest on Black communities.

The Door stands with Black communities to demand that unequal, unjust, and lethal systems be dismantled.