The Urban Institute, a nonprofit research organization that provides data and evidence to help advance upward mobility and equity, asked staff experts from The Door and other premier youth organizations to weigh in on ways to set young people who are also parents—juggling work, school, and child care, supporting their families while transitioning into adulthood—up for success.

Supervisor of Foster Care Programming Shavaughn Stewart, who works at The Door’s Bronx Youth Center, described The Door’s approach to supporting young parents as both holistic and practical: “We partner with those in the community who can help meet the needs of young parents—organizations offering breastfeeding help, doula support, postpartum care workshops, supplies for children & parents, and nutrition and food assistance. Being able to provide those supports they need so that they can start to plan and think about what they want for their future is really important.

To read the full interview with Shavaughn Stewart, see Urban Institute’s feature article.