College Advisement & Tutoring

Take it to the next step and beyond

Are you ready for the next step in your education? We provide free college advisement and tutoring, as well as support adjusting to college life, enabling you to get to graduation, college, and beyond. Our goal is to inform you about all of the opportunities available to you, no matter what grade you’re in or what academic background you have! The first step to joining any of our College Advisement & Tutoring programs is to become a Door member.

Please be aware that unless otherwise noted, all of the programs below are based at our main Manhattan location.

College Paths


College Paths is a comprehensive program that provides one-on-one support to help you prepare for a future at a college, vocational training program, or non-traditional secondary education program. Because you work with an individual college counselor, we create plans based on any background and help you follow through to success.

Joining College Paths can help you figure out your graduation plans, determine which school is right for you, find scholarships and financial aid, prepare for life in college, and help support those through the transfer application process! We can also connect you to other programs at The Door to fulfill your non-academic needs like health case, counseling, legal support and more.

Supports that will be available in 2022 are SAT, ACT, and other standardized exam prep!

Meetings are being conducted via Zoom, in-person, or hybrid methods. To learn more about College Paths, email us at CPintake@door.org

If you’re already a Door member, please feel free to visit our office on the second-floor room 208 anytime between 9 am- 1 pm.

Bridge to College

Are you 16-24 and interested in going to college? The Bronx Youth Center’s Bridge-to-College program is for you! This program offers: assistance with submitting and paying for college applications, help with completing and submitting FAFSA, preparation for CUNY placement exams, college tours, and incentives and one-on-one support. This program is available at our Bronx location.

For more information contact Jeremy Sapadin at jsapadin@door.org or Bianca Hernandez at bhernandez@door.org

Tutoring and SAT Prep

We have several tutoring options, from after-school help with homework and preparing for Regents to evening or Saturday SAT prep classes and special enrichment programs for high school sophomore! SAT intensives for 11th-grade students run October to March, with applications accepted in August and September. We also offer smaller SAT study groups with rolling admissions.

To learn more about tutoring programs, email CPintake@door.org.

If you’re already a Door member, sign up for tutoring by attending a weekly College Paths info session -Mondays/Wednesdays at 4:30pm or Fridays at 11am with Denise in the College Paths office.


Bronx Opportunity Network (BON)

Available only at our Bronx Youth Center location, BON is a network of community-based organizations and CUNY campuses that supports young people as they transition to community college. Services include preparation for entrance exams, enrollment assistance, and other support to help you succeed on campus. 

To learn more about BON, contact Interim Assistant Director of Education and Workforce Development, Jessica Randall at jrandall@door.org or 646-991-0451 or Bianca Hernandez at bhernandez@door.org

Learn and Earn to Achieve Potential (LEAP)

The Door’s LEAP program is an additional layer of support for young people, 16-24 who self-disclose having contact with the justice system, foster care system or experienced homelessness and are interested in one of our post-secondary programs. Young people are connected to LEAP services if they have completed their High School Equivalency with The Door and are interested in enrolling in one of our prost-secondary programs, or they already have their HSE and are currently enrolled in one of our post-secondary programs. The post-secondary bridge programs that we support include-EMT, TechBridge, Bridge to College, and Woodlawn. We host Bridge to College courses across both our Bronx and Manhattan sites. As a member of LEAP participants receive:

  • Extra one-on-one support
  • Additional monetary incentives
  • Leadership opportunities
  • If you complete your HSE with us you are eligible for $150.00 HSE completion incentive. If you want to matriculate through one of our Bridge programs you are eligible for 5 check ins at $25.00 each between the completion of your HSE and the start of your bridge of interest.
  • Support for 10 months post completion of your bridge program. During that first year post completion of the bridge, participants are provided a check in per month where they receive support from a staff person and an incentive of $50.00


For more information, contact Assistant Director of System Involved Youth, Nell Rainey at nrainey@door.org or 212-941-9090 ext. 3513.