Support and Guidance from People Who Understand

If you are currently living in foster care or if you have been involved with the foster care system, you will find that The Door has a lot to offer. Perhaps all you want is a safe space to meet other young people, learn new things and have fun. Maybe you need to talk to a lawyer to ensure that you have all of your entitlements, or a counselor to help you find housing. Or perhaps you need to meet with a college advisor to obtain your education training voucher (ETV), see a doctor or a counselor, or meet with someone who can help you finish your education and get a job. You can do all of these things and more at The Door.

The Academy Program

Available in our Bronx Youth Center and Manhattan location, The Academy is a unique program designed to prepare foster care youth for adulthood. It offers tailored case management, employment and internship services, supportive housing referrals and case management, life skills workshops, trips and more.

Eligibility Requirement- Youth between the age of 16-24 and a current Door member. Must be connected to Career and Education Services and/or Runaway and Homeless Youth services.  

To learn more about The Academy, contact Supervisor of Foster Care, Shavaughn Stewart at sstewart@door.org.

Runaway Homeless Youth Housing Support for Youth Who Have Experience with Foster Care

For youth aging out of foster care, The Door now offers a wide array of specialized services. Based primarily at The Door’s Soho location, youth with foster care history may access foster care case management to assist with housing placement and advocacy as needed. We currently have two Foster Care Housing Specialists on-site who work collaboratively to reduce the number of youth aging out of foster care and into homelessness. Housing Specialists make referrals to shelters, transitional living programs, and supportive housing and can help youth explore independent housing.  In addition to foster care services, youth are able to access all other Door services including medical, legal, and mental health counseling. 

  *Eligibility for housing programs is based on completion of the HRA 2010e application with eligibility for foster care history designation.  All youth who have had contact with the child welfare system are eligible for The Academy.


Meet the Team:

Bronx Youth Center

Marsha Pervil – Career Advancement Coach – mpervil@door.org
Matthew Young – Job Placement Specialist – myoung@door.org

Manhattan Academy Program

Jean Pablo Perez – Career Advancement Coach – jperez@Door.org
Shavaughn Stewart – Supervisor of Foster Care – sstewart@door.org
Nell Rainey, LCSW – Assistant Director of System Involved Youth – nrainey@door.org
Stacy Stewart, LMSW – Assistant Director of Runaway Homeless Youth Services – ststweart@door.org