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Are you ready to reach your greatest potential? Our comprehensive, integrated, free Jobs & Internships programs will give you so much more than just a job placement – we’ll help you explore different career paths and gain the skills to help you find and keep the RIGHT job. Check out our many options to pick the right program for your background and goals! The first step to joining any of our programs is to become a Door member.

Please be aware that unless otherwise noted, all of the programs below are at our main Manhattan location. 

Advance and Earn Pre HSE Program

The Advance and Earn Pre HSE Program consists of two separate components that focus on building literacy and math skills as well as Career Awareness Training. The cohort takes place over a 20-week cycle with ample time to improve our participants’ reading and math skills. This class introduces the world of Career Awareness Training and builds on the skills participants gain during academic sessions. This class offers opportunities for incentives and tutoring options. Participants must be between the ages of 16 – 24 on the first day of the program. Participants must submit a recent TABE test to determine eligibility.

The Pre-HSE Career Awareness component provides youth participants with effective and thoughtful employment information to prepare participants for employment. This portion of the program will integrate Academic Infusion to help support Literacy and Numeracy grade gains.

Our Pre-HSE students will work individually and, in a team setting to discuss work readiness topics. Topics will consist of Financial Literacy, Leadership, Soft & Hard Skills, and conduct Mock Interviews to name a few. Students will also participate in weekly A-Synchronous Assignments to help increase their career awareness knowledge, learn how to research, enhance, and improve public speaking and writing skills.

To learn more about the Advance and Earn Pre HSE Program enrollment please contact our Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Paul Rangel at (917) 829-1820 or email Prangel@door.org.

To learn more about the Advance and Earn Pre HSE Career Awareness Training component please contact our Alex-ann Espeut, Assistant Director of Career and Education Pathways at (917) 232-4645 or email aespeut@door.org

Advance and Earn HSE Program

The Advance and Earn HSE Program consists of three separate components that focus on building our participants’ academic skills to prepare them to take the TASC Exam as well as Work Readiness Instruction and Paid Internships. You must submit a recent TABE test to determine eligibility and be between the ages of 16 – 24 on the first day of the program.

The HSE Work Readiness Instruction component will prepare the HSE participants to earn industry-recognized credentials in sectors such as Food Service Industry (SERV Safe) and Computer Technology Software Programs (G-Suits & Microsoft Programs).

The Advance and Earn Paid Internship component provides a quality internship experience offered in multiple formats. All interns will be provided the opportunity to enhance their workforce skills and knowledge to gain and maintain employment. Participants will meet with their Career Advancement Coaches and Job Placement Specialist to work individually to develop self-confidence, explore different career avenues, and gain practical work readiness knowledge.

To learn more about the Advance and Earn HSE Program enrollment please contact our Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction Paul Rangel at (917) 829-1820 or email Prangel@door.org

To learn more about the Advance and Earn Work Readiness Instruction and Paid Internships components please contact Alex-ann Espeut, Assistant Director of Career and Education Pathways at (917) 232-4645 or email aespeut@door.org.

To receive your application please click here or the link below:
Advance and Earn – Woodlawn Preservation Training Program


Our 20-week training program offers a 10-week paid internship, MetroCards for transportation, certifications (OSHA, Site Safety, Manlift, and More), incentives for benchmarks throughout the program, and job placement assistance!

This program is for young adults interested in a career in masonry, landscaping, or construction. It is operated in partnership with The Door and the Woodlawn Cemetery & Conservancy with funding provided by DYCD Advance & Earn and The World Monuments Fund.

The Woodlawn Conservation Training Program will select 30 young adults for the landscaping and 20 individuals for the masonry program per year. These young adults will receive specialized hands-on training under the guidance of expert instructors from the Davey Tree Expert Company and the International Masonry Institute.

Recruitment is ongoing with our masonry program starting in February and landscaping starting in September.

To register for our next info session, please use the link below or contact Chris Iannelli at ciannelli@door.org.


Bridge Programs (EMT, IT)

EMT Bridge training program:

Are you 18-24 and interested in a career in the medical field? The Bronx Youth Center’s free EMT bridge program is for you! We offer: free EMT training in partnership with Hostos Community College, EMT-B certification, CPR certification, driver’s license, job assistance, and additional incentives.

For more information, contact Job Placement Specialist, Sharice Carr at scarr@door.org or 646-989-3691or Assistant Director of Education and Workforce Development, Esteban Reyes at ereyes@door.org or 646-661-2320.


TechBridge program:

The Bronx Youth Center’s TechBridge program is for 18-24 year olds that are interested in pursuing a career in information technology (IT). This bridge program offers: free IT training in partnership with LaGuardia Community College, CompTIA A+ certification, job assistance, and incentives.


For more information, contact Job Placement Specialist, Sharice Carr at scarr@door.org or 646-989-3691 or Assistant Director of Education and Workforce Development, Esteban Reyes at ereyes@door.org or 646-661-2320.


EPOCH – The Door’s comprehensive career and education program to help you finish your education and gain job and life skills for your future. This program features two different paths, so you can choose the best option for you – one for young people who want to get their high school equivalency and a job, and one for young people who have completed their HSE or degree and need help getting into college or finding a job.

No matter which path you choose, you’ll get individualized support, coaching and opportunities to help you meet your goals, as well as assistance with transportation and other personal needs – all for free and under one roof. Our two pathway options are:

Infused HSE: This option will teach you the skills you need to pass your HSE test while preparing you for a career at the same time. Classes are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., and include HSE material, leadership development, and an opportunity to explore your career interests. Infused HSE students can also apply for in-house, paid internships and receive other stipends and incentives for participating.

CITE (College, Internships, Training, and Employment): If you already have a high school degree or HSE – or if you need a job right now – this program is the option for you. Our coaches will help you get a job or internship, or get you enrolled in a college or vocational program. We’ll also help you develop an action plan – a must-have strategy for lasting success – and stay with you while you get settled into your new job or school.

To learn more about EPOCH, call 212-453-0263 or email us at careerserivcesinquiry@door.org.

Learn and Earn to Achieve Potential (LEAP)

The Door’s LEAP program is an additional layer of support for young people, 16-24 who self-disclose having contact with the justice system, foster care system or experienced homelessness and are interested in one of our post-secondary programs. Young people are connected to LEAP services if they have completed their High School Equivalency with The Door and are interested in enrolling in one of our prost-secondary programs, or they already have their HSE and are currently enrolled in one of our post-secondary programs. The post-secondary bridge programs that we support include-EMT, TechBridge, Bridge to College, and Woodlawn. We host Bridge to College courses across both our Bronx and Manhattan sites. As a member of LEAP participants receive:

  • Extra one-on-one support
  • Additional monetary incentives
  • Leadership opportunities
  • If you complete your HSE with us you are eligible for $150.00 HSE completion incentive. If you want to matriculate through one of our Bridge programs you are eligible for 5 check ins at $25.00 each between the completion of your HSE and the start of your bridge of interest.
  • Support for 10 months post completion of your bridge program. During that first year post completion of the bridge, participants are provided a check in per month where they receive support from a staff person and an incentive of $50.00


For more information, contact Assistant Director of System Involved Youth, Nell Rainey at nrainey@door.org.

The Academy

The Academy is offered at our Bronx Youth Center location. The Academy is a unique program designed to prepare foster care youth for adulthood. It offers one-on-one academic and employment services together with supportive counseling for young people who are participating in either our supportive housing/Runaway Homeless Youth services and/or our career and education programming and self-disclose having experience with ACS/the Foster Care system. 

To learn more about The Academy, contact Shavaughn Stewart at (929) 285-3190 or by email at  sstewart@door.org or Assistant Director of System Involved Youth, Nell Rainey at nrainey@door.org.

This Way ONward

This Way ONward (formerly known as This Way Ahead) is a training program for young people ages 16-24 who want to gain job and leadership skills or currently advance their existing skills, whether they are in, or out of school. With a coaching program and the partnership of retail company Old Navy, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Being part of This Way ONward will require participation in regular workshops led by both Door coaches and employees from our partner companies. You will learn about possible careers and work on the skills you need for future employment. This program entails an 8 week training and those who participate will develop new career and life skills. Young people who successfully complete the training will have the opportunity to interview for a PAID 10-week Internship at an Old Navy store.

For more advanced young adults we will be offering, on a limited basis, a Direct-to-Hire model of programming which results in direct employment at Old Navy or other companies. This model entails a 4 to 5-week training commitment.  

By participating in either version of programming, you will also get access to numerous supportive services, modest stipends, and additional internship or employment opportunities. This Way Onward training models run in multiple sessions throughout March to October.

To join This Way ONward, you’ll need to attend an upcoming virtual information session.

To learn more about This Way ONward, email us at thiswayONward@door.org  to schedule an appointment. You can also visit This Way ONward to learn even more about the program.

Train NYC Program

The Train NYC program is available in the Door’s Soho location. Train NYC is a sector-based program with work readiness and sector base training workshops that runs for 6-8 weeks. The Train NYC program provides entry-level training skills in culinary arts, certified medical administrative assistance (CMAA), IT support, and construction safety. On completion program, participants are armed with the induction WRCS portfolio which includes a marketable resume, attention-grabbing cover letter, thank you letter,  and a networking profile (LinkedIn) to build a lasting and formidable career. 

The Train NYC program participants are from each of the four sector tracks offered. The training curriculum for the culinary arts focus is facilitated 100% by the Door while the certified medical administrative assistance (CMAA), IT support, and construction-focused training instructions is 25% by the Door and 75% by LaGuardia Community College (LCC). Plus all four focused training tracks will afford participants the opportunity to gain an industry-recognized certification with on-the-job training internship opportunities.

  • Culinary Arts participants will earn the ServSafe Food Handler Certification and the NYC Food Handler License
  • CMAA participants will earn the Medical Administrative Assistance certification from NHA
  • IT Support participants will earn an entry-level computer certification for PC computer service technicians or CompTIA A+
  • Construction safety participants will earn an OSHA-30 (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) certification

Following completion of both the induction WRCS and sector-based training workshops, Train NYC program participants are eligible for the 150-175 hour on-the-job training/internship. 

All Train NYC program participants a full year of incentives retention services support this includes; weekly and monthly check-in from a Train NYC  program Job Placement Specialists and/or  Career Advancement Coach to ensure success in the workplace and career aspiration goals. There are enrollment requirements  for the Train NYC program.

Those who are interested in joining the Train NYC program:

  • Must be a New York City resident (live in 1 of the 5 NYC boroughs)
  • Must be 16-24 years of age
  • Must be out of school (there are exceptions under some training tracks)
  • Must show proof of vaccination or weekly proof of negative test against Covid-19

Train NYC is training New Yorkers 1 sector at a time.

To learn more about the Train NYC program, contact the OSY team’s Recruitment and Retention Coordinator by email OSY@door.org.