Teens Against Sexual Ignorance (TASI)

Be a leader and an educator for your peers

TASI is a peer education group that teaches young people at The Door about sexuality and health.  That means that young people design the curriculum, plan events, run groups and teach classes throughout The Door.

Why peer education?

We feel this is one of the best ways for teens to learn about sex.  Talking to other people your own age can make it easier for you to ask questions and learn important information in a comfortable environment.  Peer educators can also help you make appointments, get free condoms or connect you with staff members whom they know and trust.

How you can get involved

While we have different workshops going on at different times throughout the year, TASI also hosts two weekly workshops in Center Space:

  • Sex @ 6 – Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m.
  • 4-Play – Fridays at 4:00 p.m.

In these workshops we talk about things like STDs, HIV and birth control, but we also talk about things like how to get what you want in a relationship and how to keep yourself safe and sexy.  These workshops are open — that means anyone can join — so come down to Center Space and check it out!

Become a TASI peer educator

We hire new peers once a year.  If you would like more information about how you can become a TASI peer educator, please contact us.

Sexual health education outside The Door

TASI peer educators do not work outside The Door, but we do have another peer education program that can come to your school or agency.  Click here to learn more.

In their own words – TASI educators share their thoughts

“Being in TASI helped me to understand my body and myself.  Now I take the training and information I have learned a step further by teaching my peers about sexual health to help them understand themselves better.  TASI is not only a group that teaches about sex, but also how to handle situations in everyday life.” –Keke, TASI peer educator

“Who wants to have an awkward conversation with an adult?  Peer education is a great way to learn about sex!  You can be real with us.  We been there, done that kinda’ thing.  TASI peer educators are poppin’.” –Delila, TASI peer educator

“Peer education is a good way to hear stories relevant to your own sexual experiences. Joining TASI was a cool way for me to learn about my body in a fun and comfortable environment with my peers. Being a part of a peer group has also allowed me to bond and gain strong friendships.” –Marcus, TASI peer educator

To learn more about TASI, contact Kristin McDonough (ext. 3232) or Carolyn Glaser (ext. 3212).