Street Outreach

Find help where you need it.

In 2006 The Door began a targeted outreach program at Pier 45 (the Christopher Street Pier) to help runaway and homeless youth in need, particularly the large population of LGBTQ youth that frequent the area.  Outreach workers from The Door can be found every Friday and Saturday night on the Pier from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. The Door also conducts general street outreach focusing on lower Manhattan.

Youth can approach an outreach worker for help with:

  • A referral to a local service provider, including shelters
  • Help mediating any issues with local residents or the police
  • Free subway transportation to help you leave the Pier or other areas safely

Outreach workers are also on-hand to provide information about Door services, including LGBTQ programming, counseling opportunities, workshops and other activities. Additionally, our outreach team provides homeless youth with basic needs items such as food and hygiene products,

If you are homeless and need help getting some food or finding a place to sleep, click here.

Door staff are also available to speak with community members if you identify young people who are in need of assistance.

For more information about street outreach, contact Victor Furtick at (212) 941-9090, ext. 3243.