Our History

In 1972 a group of young professionals in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, law, education, social work and the arts realized that investing in our city’s young people was the key to a brighter future for all. But the way to do it had to be different than anything done before. The barriers preventing youth from succeeding were often so daunting and complex, they would take many hands to bring down.

Enter The Door, a model unlike any other, created over 50 years ago as a beacon providing innovative solutions for New York City youth in need. A model that, today, remains at the forefront of addressing those ever-changing needs.

Many things have changed since The Door opened in 1972. What began as a labor of love with a volunteer staff in an East Village storefront is now a full-fledged organization with close to 300 paid staff and our own building. However, several things remain the same including the tremendous dedication of our staff and the fearlessness of our young people who have the courage to seek support.