What We Do

Each year, The Door sees young people from all over New York City, with a wide range of services including reproductive health care and education, mental health counseling and crisis assistance, legal assistance, GED/HSE classes, tutoring and homework help, college preparation services, career development, job training and placement, supportive housing, and recreational activities, arts, and nutritious meals – all for free, completely confidentially, all under one roof.

The Door is unique in its ability to meet the complex needs of New York City’s youth. No other organization provides the range of services we do all in one place.

The challenges facing young people are many and varied, and we know that the solutions must be just as multi-faceted. Integration is the cornerstone of our programming because increased staff collaborations and truly “wraparound” services lead to stronger bonds of support, amplified triumphs, and more empowered young people.

Our programs evolve with the needs of our members, but our goal remains the same – to support each and every young person who walks through our door to discover and achieve their greatest potential.