Create change in your community

Are you looking to make a positive change in your community? The Door offers a range of opportunities to learn key leadership skills that you can apply in everyday life. Taking advantage of the leadership opportunities at The Door can help you to stay in school and pursue future educational opportunities; gain self-confidence and self-esteem; pursue avenues for self-discovery and self-expression; make positive contributions to your community; develop job skills, and understand the issues affecting your community to learn how you can make a difference.

The following leadership opportunities are available:

  • PAUS (Peers Against Unsafe Sex) – For young people between the ages of 18-21 who want to become role models and sources of sexual health information in their communities by leading workshops in the various middle- and high schools and other organizations.
  • ServiceWorks – For young people aged 16-24 who are seeking volunteer and leadership opportunities combined with professional development training.
  • This Way Ahead – This nine-month program is for young people who are between 16 and 21 years old, currently in school, and looking to gain job and leadership skills.
  • Youth Leadership – A group of youth leaders dedicated to making positive changes within The Door and beyond through creative youth-led programming with a broad approach to social justice issues. Youth Council members participate in leadership skill-building activities, run groups, facilitate meetings, plan events, and work to make change within the Door community and in the world while serving as liaisons between the Door staff and other members.
  • LEAP Fellowship The LEAP (Learn and Earn to Achieve Potential) Fellowship – A leadership opportunity for individuals who have successfully completed the LEAP program and their post-secondary Bridge (EMT, TechBridge, Bridge-to-College, Woodlawn), and are also interested in serving as a peer mentor to those who are currently enrolled in post-secondary Bridge programs. LEAP Fellows will be sharing their experiences of engaging in and completing their post-secondary training, as well as providing mentorship around personal challenges and situations that can come up both during and after programming. The LEAP Fellowship is comprised of two phases – a training portion and a peer mentorship portion. During training, fellows are exposed to several topics including but not limited to: how to structure an engaging group, create a safe space, facilitate a group, manage group dynamics and challenges, and intervention strategies. Upon completing the training sessions, fellows will begin to recruit for and then lead their very own mentorship groups for current Bridge participants, ultimately exercising the skills they just learned. In addition to the training and group mentorship experience, fellows will receive a stipend of $600 if selected to participate in this leadership opportunity. This is a six-month total commitment that occurs once a year. Eligible young people can apply by completing and submitting an application.

    For more information and an application, please contact Britney Neary at bneary@door.org or 929-240-1572 or Assistant Director of System Involved Youth, Nell Rainey at nrainey@door.org or 212-941-9090 ext. 3513